How to open unknown file formats

How to analyse, open and extract the text of unknown file formats by the open source tool Apache Tika

You don't know how to open an unknown file or file format that can not be opened by other installed tools to read its content or analyse its file format?

You can use the open source tool Apache Tika for extracting meta data and text from different file formats.

Apache Tika can analyse and read many different file formats and content types, so there is a good chance that it can read the file format, yet.


Since this free Software is written Java, its platform independent, so it runs on Linux, Windows or on a Mac.

If you have Java installed:

Download the Apache Tika App (tika-app.jar) from ...

Usage of the graphical user interface (GUI) for analysis of files or file formats

If you start this Java / JAR app for example by

java -jar tika-app-1.13.jar

(use the file name of the JAR file you downloaded)

an graphical user interface will get up with a main menu where you can open a file by "File -> Open file" or by drag and drop the file to the Tika App window.

After metadata analysis and text extraction it should show you some meta data. Switch to another view in the main menu "View -> Plain Text" to see the file content as text.

How to analyse vast amount of files?

If there are many or large sets of such message files you want to extract or search, filter & analyse, index them by an search engine like Open Semantic Search, where you can just add the folder(s) with the files to the config of folders beeing indexed for search.