InvestigateIX Installation

Install a search engine on your existing operating system and environment

If your existing system is encrypted and safe you might want to use your existing environment, so you can install the Open Semantic Desktop Search bundle as Virtual Maschine (VM).

Install a search engine on en encrypted external device like usb key or external harddrive with just a few clicks:

  • prepare the installation compact disc or usb pen:
    • download the iso
    • create an installation media: burn a dvd of it or write it to an usb-key
  • start the installation media live-system:
    • boot the live-system from this installation media
  • install on an encrypted device:
    • click the "Installation" icon on the desktop
    • select an external device like an usb key or an external harddisk (its original data will be overwritten!)
    • enter a passphrase for data-encryption
    • enter an admin-password
    • wait some minutes until installation is finished
    • Use your installation

Hardware requirements

... or: Why install InvestiGateIX?

Without installation, InvestigateIX is using your internal memory (RAM) to store the document-repository and the index. This lowers the usable memory for the system (2 GB needet if running without installation), which wont run if containing too much data.

If you want to search many or very big documents, the RAM could not be enough to store and/or index many Gigabytes or Terabytes of documents and data.

When installed on a drive like a pen-drive or an external hard drive the system can write the index files to this device and use much more of the available internal memory to run smooth and properly (so 1,5 GB RAM may be enough).

So you should install the System to an persistent device like an external hard disk or usb flash drive which has enough disk-space for the system (2 GB) and for all your documents and additionally up to 30% of the documents size for the index (depends on the type and format of the documents, so 1 MB of Text needs more to index than a 10 MB Photo which has only a title and a short description).