Download InvestigateIX

Release (stable)

Some more beta release are planed to be released within the next weeks and months. The stable release follows within this year.

Then there will be versions for other languages and a 32 bit versions for older computers or some netbooks, too.

Beta (testing)

InvestigateIX Beta 18

Released 2015-07-07

Installer for a seperated and encrypted system on an encrypted external device

Installer to install the system on a encrypted usb key or external harddisk:

Installer (64 bit version): investigateix-15.07.07-amd64.iso (1,2 GB)

HTTP mirrors: Berlin or Paris

Virtual maschine for your existing system environment

If your computer is safe and encrypted, you can use the virtual maschine so you can use your default software, data and system environment, too:

Virtual maschine: Open Semantic Desktop Search (~2 GB)

Source code

The complete source code of all running parts is available inside the live-system and the installed system.

After the release you will find a small archive including the Debian live configs and InvestigateIX sources here and on git.

Additionally the source code of the search engine is available on the Open Semantic Search project site.