• Encryption: Documents and index are safed on an external encrypted device (dm-crypt / cryptsetup / luks)
  • Privacy: not sending documents or search queries to spying cloud services
  • Unhosted: no need for a server or an internet connection
  • Very easy adding or indexing of documents: Just copy them to the document directory or use the option "Index for search" in the file manager context menu.
  • Easy and powerful search

Search engine

  • Full text search
  • Flexible and powerfull search operators (apache lucene/solr)
  • Explorative search: Easy navigation through paths, dates, organizations, locations, persons, content-types and words
  • Faceted search: Get a overview of the meta data with grouped facets like authors, paths or content types
  • Powerfull filters: Drill down masses of documents with some clicks to a few wanted results
  • Semantic Wiki for notes, tagging and annotation
  • OCR: Automatically recognition and indexing of text in images (for example for graphical formats, fax or scanned documents)
  • Supports many content types: Files, Documents, Word, OpenOffice, Excel, Spredsheats, Presentations, Powerpoint, PDF, Images, JPG and many more (uses Apache Tika)...
  • Document mining, text mining and text analysis: Word lists
  • Named entities extraction: Manage named entities like organizations, persons or locations to get an overview which entities were found within your search context and how many of the found documents contain that entities
  • Visualization: Trend charts and wordcloud
  • Works on cheap standard hardware (you don't need an expensive mac nor an expensive server, an old pc or laptop for one or two hundret dollars is enough)
  • Works completely offline: you dont need internet
  • Big data: works with thousands, hundretthousands and up to millions of documents