InvestigateIX Roadmap

Features planed for the future (please donate, so we are able to work more time on this project and can implement this faster):

  • We'll upload the code to Github
  • Integrate the Entity manager and the UI for rules based automatic tagging from Open Semantic Search, so you can use extracted entities like persons, locations or organisations for the multidimensional and faceted navigation and exploratory search - Done
  • Add a mediaplayer for audio and video - Done
  • Add Scantailor for deskewing low quality scans for better OCR results (package from Debian backports) - Done
  • Documentation how to change to another language than english and maybe a german version
  • New design and some additional views and other features in the user interface
  • Tools and features for text mining and textvisualisation
  • More usability (better user interface like forms) for the Named Entities Manager - Done
  • More usability (better user interface like forms) for the Semantic Wiki for notes
  • Possibility to import external datasets (ontologies) like lists of organizations or locations into the Named Entities Manager
  • Adding some additional research tools (i.e. the citation manager Zotero and some tools for archiving websites) - Done
  • Index new or changed wiki pages automatically (not only these used for annotation of other files), so you can use the wiki for notes and can find all notes immediatelly with the search engine, too - Done
  • A Virtual Maschine Image, so you can use Investigateix on your normal computer (for not so sensible but much data) and not only by booting from encrypted external device - Done
  • Easy encrypted backup
  • Add swap, so the installed system will get slower but wont fail, if to few RAM - done
  • Update of Semantic Mediawiki (and in future a better way to install it and its database in the live system - now very quick and dirty)
  • Include Truecrypt compatibilty (if you get or want to index data in a truecrypt-container or on an partition that was encrypted with truecrypt, or you want to work with truecrypt encryption algorithms instead of cryptsetup / luks which is used as encryption for persistent data if you install investigateix on a device - we'll copy that from Tails)
  • Disable system-logfiles (which in the current alpha and beta version at events like starting are written into the encrypted device)
  • Blocking network / internet (i.e. if an PDF-, Office or archived HTML document includes tracking or loading external resources
  • overwriting RAM after shutdown (we'll copy that from Tails)
  • Provide list of files that could not be parsed (i.e. unknown format) and a practicable alternative way to deal with it.

More Ideas

We re open for more ideas, developers, (media) partners and sponsors so we could work more time on the project